Ongoing Projects

The NoMa Parks Foundation is committed to carrying out the vision expressed in the NoMa Public Realm Design Plan. The plan, however, is conceptual, so there will continually be a need for community engagement in order to refine and implement each NoMa park project. To that end, the NoMa Parks Foundation is committed to the following plan for ongoing community engagement.

Occasionally, the NoMa Parks Foundation will hold a public meeting — called Community Conversations — to provide general updates on NoMa Parks progress and receive community feedback.

Project-Specific Community Engagement
Each of the design contracts for NoMa parks includes community meetings as a design team requirement during the schematic design process. Click here for more information about past and upcoming NoMa Parks Foundation Community Meetings. Additionally, the NoMa Parks Foundation looks forward to opportunities to regularly provide web-based information and receive online feedback.

Report to Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
The NoMa Parks Foundation will provide reports to local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), their committees, and local neighborhood and civic associations. Requests to schedule such reports should be directed to Robin-Eve Jasper at