Getting Started

The process of setting a clear vision, building an organization, securing funding, and consistently engaging the community was successful, but delivering on that vision required consistent effort to overcome significant practical, legal, and financial challenges.


In October 2014, NPF and the city entered into the grant agreement, as authorized by the NoMa Parks Grant Authorization Act, that allowed funding to be disbursed. This agreement provided DPR, through the implementing agency of the Department of General Services (DGS), with a budget of $50 million in capital funds. The Act and the Grant Agreement each relied on the NoMa Public Realm Design Plan to provide the objectives of the partnership between NPF and the DC government. The partnership was unique in its programmatic and long-term approach. 

All park sites acquired for NoMa parks are District-owned property and titled to the city. All the parks and public space improvements were constructed by NPF with oversight from DGS, and each is now owned by the District and maintained by DPR and DGS. Permitting of Alethia Tanner Park by user groups is handled by DPR.

The NoMa BID assists the DC government with park maintenance by providing day-to-day cleaning and trash removal and engaging contractors for landscape and bioretention management as well as irrigation system maintenance. Dog park cleaning and maintenance are addressed in agreements between DPR and dog park “friends” organizations, including Eckington Parks and Arts and Friends of NoMa Dogs. 

You can read more about project management, land acquisition and public oversight in Imagine NoMa Parks at pages 23-24.