NoMa Parks Foundation Requirements

The NoMa Parks Foundation is a 501 (c)(3). As such, it must comply with internal revenue code, including internal audit, filing requirements, and diversity of services of private support. The Grant Agreement between the District of Columbia Government and the NoMa Parks Foundation requires monthly review and approval of expenses, delivery of all reports, designs, and other project-related documents, as well as District approval of all property offers, contracts, and project designs. Each park project has performance metrics and a project timeline.


Parks Ownership and Maintenance

The Grant Agreement between the District of Columbia Government and the NoMa Parks Foundation requires that properties acquired with grant proceeds be owned in fee simple by the District of Columbia or that the District receive an interest in the property acceptable to the District in its sole and absolute discretion. Each parks project will have an owner agency within the District government. The owner agency will be determined by the District based on the type of function that a park will have. For example, the owner agency for Swampoodle Park is the Department of Parks and Recreation. The owner agency for the Underpass Art Parks may be the Commission on Arts and Humanities. District owner agencies will be involved in project design and the NoMa Parks Foundation, and the designated owner agency will enter into a contractual agreement, which will detail responsibility for operations, maintenance, programming, and replacement and repairs of park equipment and improvements.

Parks Construction

Contractor selection will be based on the best value to the public. Entities related to members or directors of the NoMa BID or the NoMa Parks Foundation will be required to disclose such relationship in their bid submittals, and related staff and directors will be required to recuse themselves from any deliberations with regard to contract award. The NoMa Parks Foundation will perform outreach to the District’s CBE (Certified Business Enterprise) community to ensure that small and local businesses are fully aware of NoMa parks construction opportunities.